Sunday, June 24, 2012

My first steps: Day one

The "package"

This is the package that came from It's so nice and compact. It contains almost everything we'll need to build my printer. Below you can see the plastic parts that Juan gave me. They are of superb quality.
The box :) 
Showing all the stuff
The printed parts

Here comes the first trick

So this is one of the most important things you have to know about printable plastics. You see these plastic cases, they were broken when we put the bearings inside them. Fortunately it's easy to fix this because the plastic is soluble to aceton.

Broken plastic? Don't worry use aceton.
Aceton is a chemical liquid very easy to find. Your girlfriend uses it to clean her nails from polish. But since you are here it seems very unlikely to have a girlfriend, and if you do she probably doesn't have nails and/or hands. This is no time for worries, though, for you can buy it in every supermarket or hardware store. I mean aceton not an able-bodied girlfriend.

Our good friend aceton
You can use a small brush to apply it where you need. The plastic will glue by itself in a few moments, but you'd better give it some time to properly dry.

Good as new
Just give it some time to dry
Finally the bearing inside their cases

The prusa triangles

For the most part of the chassis you can use Gary Hodgson's visual instructions. I use Juan's verbal instructions because there are a few things that have changed in prusa mendel iteration 2 from the original model.
So the best way to begin with is the two main triangles. Be careful with how you place the washers and the nuts cause if you do a mistake the later it sucks to dismantle the whole thing. A nice trick for aligning the two triangles is to use the rest of the rods as guides. Just for reference the nuts are size 13. 

Bottom plastic and threader rods
Use some other rods to help you with the alignment
The two main triangles
Don't tight the nuts too much, you'll need to make adjustments later
Again use some rods to make sure the alignment is ok

Front and back

This is the back and front of the printer. The motor of the y axis goes to the front. Be very careful with the washers and stuf. There is a difference here from iteration one. That extra nut between the big black plastic and the bearing is no longer needed. This also makes the aligning process later, easier.

The motor of the y-axis will be screwed to the black plastic
Another view of the front part
The triangles with the front part added
The back part also added
The upper part is finally added. It will hold the z-axis parts

End of day one

Happy working class people


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